Advanced & Performance Driving Courses

One-to-one bespoke driving courses tailored to individual driving enthusiasts' personal requirements

Advanced driving. Defensive driving. High performance driving. Different terms that largely describe the same thing: driving mastery.

The road to becoming a master driver is a long and winding one. Fortunately, the journey is immensely enjoyable and rewarding

We help driving enthusiasts like you to achieve their individual driving ambitions. We will work with you to tailor one-to-one driving coaching that is focused on your goals.

With Bespoke Driver Training you will enjoy training this is fun, educational and pragmatic. But not dogmatic

During a course with us you will learn new skills, enhance your knowledge and safety, and begin to enjoy your driving with more confidence and fulfilment. And have a great time!

In addition to developing on-road expertise, our track-based training develops aspects of car control and on-the-limit handling


For 1-to-1 coaching in your car from our Malvern, Worcestershire base

On road
£200 for a half day
£350 per full day

On road & track
£700 per day (including extensive use of Millbrook Proving Ground)

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