Attention blue light users

Forthcoming legislation will make 'high speed' driver training a legal requirement. Bespoke Driver Training provide compliant courses in advanced roadcraft that focus on driving safely at higher speeds

The likely introduction of section 19 of the Road Safety Act (2006) will soon make it an offence to exceed speed limits for fire, ambulance or police purposes unless a vehicle’s driver “has satisfactorily completed a course of training in the driving of vehicles at speed.”

For almost 20 years, Bespoke Driver Training has met the blue light driving training requirements of ambulance services in the public, private and voluntary sectors. We work with various fire and rescue services, too, and voluntary organisations such as BASICS and LIVES. Cheshire Police become a client in 2016

Emergency response driving courses with Bespoke are tailored around future driving training legislation, and reflect the codes of practise of the Joint Emergency Service High Speed Driver Training Advisory Group.

  1. HSDT1 demonstrate basic driving skills
  2. HSDT2 prepare and drive vehicles at high speed
  3. HSDT3 drive vehicle at high speed on motorways and multi-lane carriageways
  4. HSDT4 undertake an emergency response using a vehicle
  5. HSDT5 avoid skids when using an emergency vehicle

Get trained

If you work or volunteer for an organisation that is entitled to use blue lights, and require emergency response driving training, do get in touch. Please note that all clients must provide blues & twos-equipped vehicles for their courses with us

Get refreshed

We recommend drivers enjoy a blue light driving refresher assessment every three years. A day (1-to-1) or two (2-to-1) is likely to be sufficient to recover from skill fade. Legislation is likely soon to make such refreshers compulsory

“My Bespoke emergency response driving course was exceptional.”Dr Halden Hutchinson-Bazely
“…I have never enjoyed a course so much in my entire working life…”Paul Hayden