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Bespoke's close protection driving course is a comprehensive, modular training programme that prepares drivers like you for rewarding careers in close protection and security chauffeuring.

If you're new to the profession, you can rely on our 22 years of experience accelerating the career progression of hundreds of aspiring professional drivers. Bespoke's courses are for people like us, who love driving and the freedom of the road. Our popular courses are proven to power the prospects of people with driving ambitions. Our thorough 10-day close protection driving programme is ideal for drivers who want to excel as driving specialists in the fields of security chauffeuring or close protection.

Like us, you value continuing professional development (CPD). Experienced drivers and close protection operators choose to train with us to take their driving and career prospects to another level. If you're ready to shift gears, we've a variety of CPD modules for you to choose from. Building on your existing experience and knowledge, during your course with us you will learn loads more. Driving mastery is within reach.

"Having done Bespoke's course, it's impossible for me to speak highly enough about the standard of instruction and the level of driving ability [their trainers] have to pass on."

Andy Dubberley, Vice Chairman of The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs
Our close protection driving programme encompasses three modules totalling 10 days:

"Absolutely amazing course that I would recommend in a heartbeat."

Stephen Wilkie

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the delivery... I am glad that I was trained by you."

Lalbahadur Pun

In August 2017, The Sun newspaper's motoring correspondent, Nick Francis, joined us to get a taste of VIP protection driving. Over to Nick: "While the lessons are serious...I can honestly say I haven't been driving like that. Now I will."

You can read Nick's article on The Sun's website here.

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Close protection driving course for bodyguards


>     ideal 2-to-1 participant to trainer ratio, ensuring you get plenty of hands-on time behind the wheel

>     perfect 75/25 balance of practise versus theory. All assessments are practical; there isn't a written exam'

>     advice for finding work as a professional driver

>     two certificates/awards from one 10-day course: Bespoke & RoSPA

>     personal attention guaranteed - typically two trainers mentor a group of (up to) four participants

>     privileged access to the UK's best test track - Millbrook Proving Ground.

"First I would like to thank you for your professional approach and depth of expert knowledge throughout the course. I really enjoyed it and found it more challenging than I thought I would... It is obvious to me that you set a far higher standard than most and can draw on a unique amount of knowledge and experience."

Mark J Suddaby
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If you're committed to a career as a close protection driver or security chauffeur, all three modules are best enjoyed over 10 consecutive days.

However, you have the choice of participating in individual modules. Module 1 spans the first four days of the periods below, module 2 spans the next three days, and module 3 spans the last three days.

rest of 2020

  • July 19 - 28 (full)
  • August 30 - 8 September (full)
  • October 18 - 27 (2 places left)
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Our fees include:

  • 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio. In comparing training providers, do check how many people will share a course with you
  • new/nearly new vehicles
  • proving ground hire
  • 2 x certificates/awards
  • advice for securing work as a professional security driver.

Module 1 - £1152.50
Module 2 - £727.50
Module 3 - £970
Total for all 3 modules £2,850


All three modules of our 10-day close protection driving programme run from our HQ in Worcestershire, UK.

Alternatively, organisations or CP teams may prefer that a private, bespoke course runs from their location. Let us know.

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