An E63 Mercedes-AMG muscles onto Bespoke’s training fleet

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A new E63 Mercedes-AMG replaces our cherished C63, and brings with it two turbos. Oh, and more passenger space

Every student that took to the wheel of our C63 Mercedes-AMG enjoyed the drive. Whilst its performance could trounce that of most chauffeur-driven executive cars, on acquiring it we believed that we needed to provide a high performance car for our chauffeur and VIP close protection driving course students so that on-the-job they would not be fazed by the muscle of their principals’ cars. However, it wasn’t the most comfortable car in which to spend time perched on its flat and firm-riding rear seat.

Our new E63, in contrast, rides noticeably more comfortably on its rear air suspension. There’s more space all around the cabin, and the two glass sunroofs contribute to a light and airy learning environment. Oh, and did we mention the 557bhp?

If you join either our 5-day Chauffeur Driving Course or 8-day VIP Close Protection Driving Course some time soon you’ll get behind the wheel of our new AMG. If you’re an individual looking for 1-to-1 coaching in high performance road driving, you may hire the car for your exclusive use during a bespoke driving course with us. Call us on 01905 887884 to discuss your requirements.

At Bespoke we endeavour to deliver driving training that is pragmatic, educational and enjoyable. Our E63 AMG reflects the kind of performance a professional driver is likely to encounter in their employer’s limousine. Driving it will likely bring a smile to your face.

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