Driving Mastery DVDs

DVDs from Bespoke are an enjoyable way to drive learning home. We have professionally produced four advanced driving DVDs so far, each of which has enjoyed rave reviews

“Absolutely fantastic! Really enjoyed it… Very highly recommended.”Graeme Fraser
Our most popular DVD.

Advanced RoadCraft packs over an hour’s worth of insights into defensive driving principles and advanced driving skills and techniques into one informative programme. Driving mastery is demonstrated through busy city traffic and across country. The fundamentals of safe and swift roadcraft are demonstrated, including a 3-stage approach to overtaking.

Hundreds of drivers have used this DVD for self-improvement, whilst dozens more benefitted from its lessons whilst preparing for a successful RoSPA or IAM advanced driving test. If you are intending to train with us, we recommend you prepare for your driving course by first watching this programme.

Our high performance driving DVD was filmed mostly on the speed limit-free roads of the Isle of Man. Mark Kendrick – our founder and a former police advanced driving trainer – demonstrates fast and safe driving across the island in a Porsche 911.

You will enjoy watching this programme to pick up useful advanced driving tips, and acquire more specialised tools for your driving toolbox. In addition to chapters on steering and gear-changing techniques, there is also a track-based chapter exploring emergency lane-change manoeuvres and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems.

As this programme builds on the foundations of our Advanced RoadCraft DVD, we suggest you test drive that DVD first.

Commentary driving is a proven tool for improving concentration, observation, anticipation and planning. However, lots of drivers approach commentaries with some trepidation.

Bespoke’s two commentary driving DVDs feature commentary drives from numerous talented drivers, including a couple of former police advanced driving trainers. Two DVDs are available – one standard definition, and a second high definition programme supplied on Blu-ray disk.

Each programme, although unique, dismantles the key components of effective commentaries. Watch either DVD and you will learn how to commentate confidently and skilfully whilst driving to an advanced level.

“I can say without reservation that it’s the finest driving DVD that I’ve ever seen.”Gary Garner (traffic police officer & RoSPA examiner)

Commentary Driving


inc. VAT
  • choice of standard or high def’ Blu-ray disk
  • 3 (SD) or 4 (HD) featured drivers per unique programme
  • ideal IAM/RoSPA/response driving test prep’

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Advanced RoadCraft


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  • over an hour’s worth of insightful content
  • urban, rural, motorway & night driving tips & techniques
  • ideal advanced driving course preparation

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Performance RoadCraft


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  • beyond advanced towards driving mastery
  • filmed mostly on the Isle of Man’s speed limit-free roads
  • features safe & swift driving across country

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DVD excerpt

The adjacent video is a 5-minute excerpt from our second Commentary Driving DVD.It was the first programme in our Driving Mastery series that we filmed in HD (high definition), and which we provide exclusively on Blu-ray disk. The excerpt features brief commentaries from Mark Kendrick and three of his colleagues