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Are you looking for a driving instructor franchise to accelerate your career? Partner with us for a rewarding career as an international specialist driving trainer.

We have over 20 years of successful trading experience helping dozens of organisations and 1000s of drivers to achieve their driving ambitions.

In 2016, we created for the first time a unique opportunity for a select few individuals to partner with us running their own international specialist driving training business. Would you like to join us?

The offer

We are offering an entire business concept founded on a proven blueprint for running a successful driving instructor franchise.

Our offer to you is a so-called "business format franchise". It's a vehicle through which you can achieve your ambitions of running your own business founded on your love of driving, and it comprises three elements

It could be you!

1     A complete and proven business system operating under the respected Bespoke Driver Training banner

Comprehensive training

2     Training in all aspects of running a specialist driving training business during a thorough onboarding process

On-going support

3     Continuing full-time dedicated assistance and expert guidance analagous to a “Head office” support team

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From the British Franchise Association: “The business format franchise is the grant of a licence by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which entitles (and usually requires) the franchisee to carry on business under the trade mark/trade name of the franchisor and in doing so to make use of an entire package (know-how), comprising all the elements necessary to establish a person previously untrained in the conduct of a business to run the business developed by the franchisor under the brand and, after training, to run it on a predetermined basis with continuing assistance.”
Running a business can be a challenging and lonely endeavour. Starting from scratch establishing a brand and reputation is so tough that half of all small businesses fail in the first couple of years.

In contrast, operating a franchise of an established business like Bespoke Driver Training is relatively low risk. We’ve proven the business model, built effective systems and processes, and established an enviable brand and reputation. And you won’t be alone – you’ll have the ongoing support that most new business people only dream of having

In addition to being widely considered as amongst the very best in the business of specialist driving training (for qualified drivers), we have a proven model for business success. We’ve tailored a comprehensive training program for new franchisees, and we’re ready to provide ongoing support. You will benefit from being able to capitalise on our excellent reputation and brand awareness, securing an excellent return on your investment
The market is buoyant. In addition to the UK’s Health & Safety Executive making it clear that they expect all organisations to manage occupational road risks just like other risks in the workplace, forthcoming legisation will make some driving training a legal requirement in certain circumstances. We’ve thrived for almost twenty years, so can you!
You need to have held a full UK car driving licence for at least three years and be at least 21 years of age. You’ll be a confident driver with a love for motoring, and be eager to have your own business. If you would like to work in the UK, then it is a legal requirement that you become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), as outlined here on the UK government’s website. If you wish to only work outside of the UK, you need not become an ADI (which is a process geared-up to the training of novice, provisional licence holders). No other skills or qualifications are necessary as we will teach you everything that you need to know to get started
One of the advantages of running your own business is the flexibility of choosing when you work. You are free to choose between part- or full-time hours. However, the more you put in the more you’re likely to get out
Your initial, comprehensive training and onboarding will help you to get a head start, but our support will be ongoing. We’ll always help with:

  • proven packages of professionally produced courses and presentations
  • branded marketing materials
  • prospecting for new business
  • marketing and PR
  • customer relationship management (we’ve already invested in a state-of-the-art CRM system)
  • hosting a tailored website dedicated to your business
  • business advice and administrative support
The initial agreement is for five years, renewable for as long as you wish to remain in business
There will be no geographical restrictions on where you can prospect for new business, so the world is your oyster! You may wish to focus at first on developing your business local to where you live, which offers advantages in terms of convenience and spending less time travelling
No. You will have a section on Bespoke Driver Training’s website dedicated to your business. This will be tailored to you, with professional video and imagery featuring you. Normally this would cost a business thousands of pounds, but it is included within the franchise package
We will subsidise your initial training and your first few year’s of support. The initial, one-off ‘franchise fee’ will be shared with you on receipt of your expression of interest
Your initial, one-off investment contributes towards the cost of your initial training
As a franchisee you are required to contribute towards the ongoing costs of Bespoke Driver Training supporting your franchise business, including marketing, administration, IT, general back-up and support, and branded clothing and literature. Payable monthly in arrears, the ‘continuing fee’ is 11% of your business’s turnover

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