Military resettlement careers

So, you're interested in a driving career in civvy street, and want expert guidance to help you find work as a chauffeur or VIP close protection driver. You've found the right place

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For more than 15 years, Bespoke Driver Training has helped dozens of servicemen and women to pursue rewarding careers as professional drivers.

Our popular chauffeur and close protection driving courses will show you the way into a well paid driving career in civvy street. And the good news is that you can fund 80% of the cost of your driving course with us using your ELC Enhanced Learning Credits entitlement.

If you’re planning on becoming an executive chauffeur or protection driver on leaving the armed forces, our 7-day Chauffeur Driving and 10-day Close Protection Driving programmes will accelerate your resettlement.

  • Experience & expertise

    Enjoyable training from expert trainers who themselves secured a professional driving career on leaving the armed forces

  • 75/25 practise v theory

    Fun, practical driving training delivered mostly on the road (and test track), not in a classroom

  • Hands-on

    Lots of hands-on time behind the wheel – our courses are delivered on a 2-to-1 participant to trainer ratio

  • Find work

    We will help you to understand the marketplace for professional drivers, and where to find work

“I just want to say a big thank you – even though your course was hard, I have found a chauffeur role with a big motorsport boss all due to having done your course. Again, thank you.”Nic Walters